Friday, September 11, 2009

Sunflower House tutorial:

The Children's Garden Sunflower House last June. I call it the Children's sunflower house but I have been known to spend time in there, alone, to meditate on a breezy summer afternoon. It's shady and private. To grow a sunflower house cultivate the earth round about where you want it to grow to a depth of 4-6 inches. You can make your house any shape you desire. I like rectangle. Ours is about 6 feet by seven feet or so. Plant the seeds tip down (this is true for all seeds except avocado) about 1/2 inch deep every 6" apart. water daily for a while until seedlings appear. You can then tapper off to every three days or so. Remember to leave a one foot space for a door this will also happen naturally. Just add more seeds if you see spots where one did not sprout.
A side view. I put the old fencing up to add privacy for the occupants. The plants are at least 9 feet tall or more. Go ahead and plant double thick too for more privacy. Notice this is real dense and hard to see through.
The Sunflower House at the entrance. After the plants were about a foot tall I planted more along their base, a shorter variety, as a filler for privacy and variety. I made a smooth area in the center by raking all the rocks out. Next year I plan to make a carpet out of old t-shirts. I started one this year and didn't finish it. I planted strawberries along the outside edge for the children to snack on while playing. They didn't grow as well as I would have liked as they were shaded but it was fun anyway.

"Let them be taught to draw their sustenance from the ample and sure resources of mother earth, and to follow the peaceful avocations of the tillers of the soil..." Brigham Young

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