Monday, March 20, 2017

Grandchildren's Regatta

It's Spring and I figure the rivers in Utah will be running strong as the snow melts.  I am sending each of my grandchildren these happy sail boats to sail in the creeks, gutters, puddles or bathtubs.  Made of double-sided scrapbook paper with a flag made of regular printing paper and stuck on a match stick with the head cut off.  I put E-6000 where the stick meets the boat on the inside to hold it steady if things get rough during the race.  It's not easy being in a different state than they are but I can share my love and ideas with them as they come to me.
paper boats -my dad made these out of the church bulletins for us every week. Brought tears to my eyes.: GINGERLILLYTEA:

by Robert Doisneau: Circa 1945: Full-length image of a young girl crouching on the grassy banks of a stream, holding the mast of a toy sailboat in the water.: Boys + Raft = ultimate adventure _ ⛵, ⛵, ⚓ ⚓ ┼╗eglarski prezent, dekoracje marynistyczne, morskie upominki, Prezent dla ┼╗eglarza, #Marynistyka: Robert Doisneau - Paris 1934                                                                                                                                                      Mehr: How to Fold a Sailboat | ... . My face went cynical as my eyes were fixed on every fold he does: summery sheet music sailboats, crafts, Summery fun with a vintage touchCurb side regatta sailboat in a book | Flickr - Photo Sharing!: collage - source unknown: GINGERLILLYTEA:
In hindsight I should have attached a pull string to each boat and maybe some Modge Podge to help it float longer.  I will make more.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Wreath Making

We made wreaths at work, San Pasqual Academy, with things we found an campus  

Grandma Jean wore one on her head.  I love her.

We started with this floral wire, bought on Amazon, and made it into circles of various sizes with pliers to wrap the end around itself .  We made ones for heads and walls and (this one is made of lavender grown in our own agriculture field.  I added some sticks here and there cause it was cute)

This very tiny one was my favorite.  Made for Mrs. Rabbit's house.  I hung it on the inside of her door so we can see it more often when we play.  

Here's the very tiny nail that I used to hang it on the door.

I just took two small branches at a time and some very tiny, jewelry making. gauged wire and wrapped the bunch around the floral wire circle by the stems. Twist the wire around the stems as tight as you can.   I then repeated the same action this time covering up the previous wire until I had made a complete circle.  Isn't it cute!  Use the same technique for any size wreath.  The thickness is controlled by how many branches you use at a time.  You may also choose to cover the last wire with a ribbon.  I just couldn't bear to cover up any part of it.